Sunday, 1 June 2014


The tree pollen levels have been breaking all sorts of records this spring, which has resulted in: 1) a night time visit to the emergency duty when my asthma returned with a vengeance after some 15 years of being just fine, and 2) not really leaving the house after that because a simple trip to get groceries could lead to allergy symptoms bad enough to ruin more than just one day. So, after a month of mostly staying at home, I was in dire need of fresh air, space and culture. My number one choice would've been an escape to London but I just couldn't. The next best thing within my means was Helsinki, and the best things there were:

1. Tove Jansson 100th anniversary exhibition at Ateneum
2. Jean Tinguely at Amos Anderson
3. Kimpassa (Together) / Kiasma Hits / Alfredo Jaar at Kiasma
4. great weather
5. less pollen
6. the sea
7. me on my own with no one to talk to (sometimes this is the closest thing to perfection)
+ reading Tuhat kurkea (Senbazuru / Thousand Cranes) by Yasunari Kawabata, it was pure bliss

(featured artists from top: Jean Tinguely, Jenni Hiltunen, Lea Whittington, Matti Braun)


  1. Looks glorious! Love that orange building - would cheer anyone up. I too am having a time with allergies/asthma this spring so can empathize. Also empathize with your idea of closest thing to perfection!

  2. Yes, pollen levels and asthma! I spent most of yesterday (my birthday, grrr!) struggling with my breathing. Even my "emergency inhaler" didn't work very left me very tired and a bit frustrated. Things were better today, thank goodness - though it was my mum's turn today!

    However, all is ok now... and I was looking at your lovely photos and wishing to be there too. I have been to Helsinki too - long ago, when I was in my early 20's. We chose a holiday weekend... everything was Closed! Except the zoo - the zoo wasn't closed, so we took the boat and visited that. One day I will return there and really see the city!
    Good that you got a break and were able to relax, recharge a bit and breathe!!
    Great photos!

  3. Hope polen has down. But well it was a great way of going out a bit and taking your cultural dosis.
    Hope you are ok.
    Love reminding those places ;)


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