Monday, 26 May 2014

Just listed on Etsy

Suddenly I'm past 600 sales and 6000 shop admirers on Etsy! I haven't been able to list new books often enough to keep my shop as well stocked as I'd like to, but now all of the above books are available at

This spring has felt like a very busy one but there's very little concrete evidence of it. I've been hard at work with the finishing touches of my poetry book, which is sort of exhausting in a way that has kept me from my bookbinding ambitions. A lot of thought has been given to the said ambitions but I think I'll elaborate on those later. I also got a plough as a late birthday present from my parents and it's so lovely it too deserves a post of its own, so maybe I'll make up for the blog silence with a great heap of blog posts this week.


  1. Congratulations on all those sales and admirers! Your books and your photos of said books are beautiful.

    Is that second-to-last book on the small side? It reminds me of the "bare books" we made in elementary school!

  2. Great work. Wonderful detail. Do you happen to sell on a wholesale level?

  3. Thank you! Mandi, yes, it's a tiny one! I wish we had made books in my school. I remember making books without any proper instructions quite early, though.

    Marco, for the time being I've decided to just do retail, and that too on a small scale. Trying to keep my love for bookbinding alive by keeping it as stress free as possilble.

  4. A plough,it is so cool!What a great present:)
    I am recently in the process of making a byzanting binding book.And I hand-trim the edges with a knif.My hands ache,haha!I then use a polishing machine to make the edge smooth,dusts fly everywhere in my studio... A plough,if I had one,will definately rescue me from the mess:))



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