Monday, 7 April 2014

Swimmers + a special sale on Etsy

It looks as though not much has changed the last time I wrote. The swimmers got a few loops of thread and I'm officially content with how this little treasure box looks like. The sun has begun to flood our home now that it's climbing high enough to conquer the rooftops that blocked it for what seemed like an eternity (every winter feels like an eternity, even the one we just had that was shorter than any I can remember).

While I was away from my blog I was very active at starting but not finishing. Feel free to imagine all sorts of things started but not finished, because I was pretty prolific even if I say so myself. As April arrived I felt a tiny twinge, and alas, it was my backbone re-growing itself. Now there's a nice stack of new books to be added to my shop, but you'll have to wait a couple of days more because I deserve a little break and you deserve a little something too: tomorrow a special someone is turning 30 (hint: may or may not be me) and that someone wants to make room in her already modestly stocked shop before listing new items, so...

you'll get a very special -30% discount of your entire order no matter how big or small (shipping excluded, sorry!) by entering the coupon code HAPPY30 at the checkout.

The code expires on Thursday the 10th, so you should be feeling a sense of urgency at the moment. I know I am - for my own reasons - I am not ready to be this old and have so many people be younger than I am. The latter part is the real problem: so many young people that feel like a foreign species. I'm forever condemned to not understand cool stuff - not that I ever understood, but there was a tiny chance of it happening anyway. So now that I'm set free from coolness, I'm off to play my favourite solitaire. (It's Spider and I'm pretty excellent at it. Embracing my small successes here.)


  1. Happy Birthday! I think you have captured the feeling in a nutshell. I am surrounded by the really young at work and I totally get your feelings. By the way 30 is not old! Have a great day and wonderful year ahead.

  2. Thank you! I do agree 30 is not really old, it's just the oldest I've ever been!

  3. Happy birthday!

    Don't worry - it gets better and better. I should know - I am more than twice your age! xx

  4. Happy birthday:)
    And happy Spring,looking forward to see your new work!


  5. I hope you had the most wonderful of


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