Wednesday, 31 October 2012

unexpected bravery

I actually did it. I listed all my finished books for you to buy for yourself or for someone you like a lot (or maybe you don't but you still need to give them a fancy gift for some reason or another).  Click here to proceed into my Etsy shop.

When I was making these I counted nine different darker grays in my linen stash. I live in constant fear of running out of my favourite colours so I tend to buy good coloured linen whenever I find it, regardless of the odd variety of my stash. Now if they would just bring back that lovely mustard yellow so I could undo my mistake of buying too little when I had the chance. Maybe it would fix the hoarding issue.


Winter comes, snow comes and goes. It's cold indoors and out & I hate it when my nose matches my red winter coat. At least I've finally got myself a pair of actual winter shoes (with furry lining, of course), so I won't have to spend my second winter here in the "North" slipping and sliding with frozen toes. There really is a big difference between the winter climate on the south coast and here in the inland. Wind-wise it's bliss to be here.

You know, yesterday I found this article through Penelope Trunk (whose Asperger features I can totally relate to and whose other features often irritate me to no end) and then today I found a guide to synonyms & similar words at the library clearance sale, so I thought I'd take a slightly more positive approach on life. From now on I shall be despondent and sardonic instead of depressed and sarcastic. Baby steps.

I took some steps in the area of bookbinding, too. I've tried to challenge myself a bit and revisit techniques learnt at school in the hopes of now seeing something that I wasn't ready to see then. Maybe it hasn't been that glamorous in reality, but at least I'm not too apprehensive about stepping outside the box at the moment. Small sidetracks only but they keep me motivated better.

 gilt linen

 brass embroidered linen

I have six books waiting to be listed on Etsy and eight more to share on the blog. As always, I'm probably going to be painfully slow at listing stuff to my shop, but I'll try to have most books listed by the end of the week - I've never really learnt how to enjoy that part of Etsy, so I tend to procrastinate like crazy when it's time to give my books an actual chance to be sold. I should train V to be my shop manager as he's clearly more business oriented than I am... poet vs. bookbinder. Who knew...

Friday, 12 October 2012

Not a bad day.

Not a bad day. A terribly good one. Took a walk with V along the river on the other side of our cemetary.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Today I would like to...

...own more vintage lace, more monogrammed linens to destroy in the name of art, a handful of abalone shells, more glass buttons, more things made of natural fibres in natural colours
...make books, plan my non-christmassy advent calendar, make gnocchi from scratch, make bread dough to be baked tomorrow, decide if I want to make a zine or not, find where I've hid my reindeer vellum, go out a bit, maybe buy myself some flowers

and listen to this (mom-friendly) and this (probably falls into the category of hideous youth music, so don't click this one if you're my mom or if you just try to avoid electronic music)

(thanks to a dear friend my sale wasn't a total failure. for a moment I thought no one wants to buy my stuff even when it's on sale, but then again, I was having a weird weekend anyway.)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

-20% off

The 400th post in this blog's history! Use the code FOURFIFTHS and get -20% off your entire Paperiaarre Etsy shop purchase (prior to shipping, naturally). The offer is valid until my dear Sunday turns into my ghastly Monday (GMT +2).

Thank you my darling readers!