Saturday, 3 November 2012



In reality it is darker than dark. No snow at the moment, just dampness and cold that make your skin crawl. It has been difficult to keep it together lately anyway. These lemon cookies help take the edge away from all the dreariness. I hope it's brighter where you are.


nadine said...

thank you for the recipe! i have some lemons left from a cake that a baked earlier this week so i might try them today! i love lemon in bakery!

but nothing changed over here: cold,dark and rainy weather as well and the feeling it will only get worser.

Penny said...

All (or almost all) of our leaves are gone - blown away during last week's storm. But this is the time of the year to be 'cozy' and 'warm' inside so I'll succumb to good books and lots of handwork in the coming months.

John Ang said...

Nice nameplate. Where did you get it? Thanks

Kaija said...

John, it's just a vintage find from Etsy. I didn't see them now in the shop I bought mine from, so it must've been a small batch back then.