Sunday, 16 September 2012

Family of cyclists

The handsome man is my greatgrandfather (my mother's Ukki), the fair young lady in the light dress is my greatgrandaunt Saima and the serious lady is my greatgrandmother. The last photo is actually an accidental double exposure, Ukki was neither a giant nor see-through. This week I had a bunch of old negatives I got from my mother scanned. Maybe these photos were taken by Emil, too.

Going through some emotional turmoil. I find it hard to go out into the wild.


  1. there is such wonderful joy and energy in these photos. i love them!!! thank you for sharing them. emil's album is one of my favorite blogs ever.

  2. Perhaps his spirit was there, watching over them and only appeared when the camera 'exposed' him. Be good to yourself.

  3. great images and special heirlooms...take care x

  4. This picture looks like it could be yesterday-
    Great images


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