Thursday, 2 August 2012


It had been a good while since I last made a batch of botanical jewellery. I'm glad I stopped procrastinating and took out the old botany book designated to art purposes and got on with this eternity project. This time I strung my pendants on antique bronze finished chains of varying lengths and I think they look rather nice even if I say so myself.

Thanks for your response to my last post. My non-linear notebook system is basically a tiny catalogue with index cards cut from scrap cardboard. This allows me to carry a small stack of cards with me and then sort the notes into genres like 'bookbinding', 'poetry' or 'to-do' so I can refer to a selection of notes relating to bookbinding when I'm designing new books and skip wading through all the randomness my normal notebooks would include. You don't really need a tutorial for this part, but I'm working on a tutorial for a fabric-hinged square box perfect for a small notebook catalogue - it's going to take at least a couple of days for me to finish since work is rather sporadic at the moment. I think there are as many ways to make a box as there are box makers, and I'll share my way with you so that you can figure out your way by building upon my basic instructions.

The Olympic Games is keeping me company while V is out of town and I'm alone folding stacks and stacks of paper for future books and fixing up the wardrobe->floordrobe problem (I never learn...) and dreaming of the perfect blush rose linen apparently impossible to find.

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  1. Lovely botanical jewelry - very evocative.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Kaija! I would love to ask you for some pictures of your index card catalogue but I know those things are highly personal and I might not be comfortable with sharing mine either so I let it be and let my imagination do the trick.

    My personal Olympics highlights are about to happen soon: today the Women's 10,000m and tomorrow the Women's Trampoline and then the Synchronised Swimming of course!

  3. This is wonderful! I love your work. Its Amazing!

    A note about keeping organized, I know you are working with a non-linear book system but I have used a binding called concertina binding that employs smaller pamphlets stitched onto an accordion like spine. It is and it isn't linear. You could dedicate each of the individual pamphlets to one of your categories.

    The only negative thing about this binding is that you cant really add to it and once it is full you have to move on to the next book. However you could use more durable material to bind to and take out the individual pamphlets as you fill them up.

    Just a thought.


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