Saturday, 21 July 2012


I wish I had a good story to share.

So, I had a bad day and a bad night. And I feel like my legs are about to collapse under me when I hover from one room to another. It's the little things. Much like how a glass of clear water is spoiled by just one drop of ink. Except ink usually gives beautiful shades when diluted. My bad days are much more like a mix of too many water-colours, of a non-colour, of the consistency of foul milk.

the above book is sold. it was one of my favourites.


  1. I know how those days are, the only way out is to live through them. On very rare occasions, a miracle happens and something or someone helps you jump off them sooner. Hold on in there, tomorrow is another day.

    I had a head-splitting migraine today and though the pain has subsided, my head feels like a sponge swollen with dirty water. If this helps you feel better, I'm glad it does!

  2. Life must be so difficult when in the throes of depression. If it can help at all I'm sending you wishes of peace, beauty and joy.


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