Thursday, 26 July 2012

ephemeral beauty (and some permanent)

Some nights ago I said something V said he was going to steal for some poem he's still to write. I love the colours of bruises, how they change with time, how they always match the tone of your skin in some eerie way. (I'm sure I wouldn't think so if the bruises I've had in my life had not been the result of either clumsiness or my own stupidity.) My knee went from black and blue to purple to yellow and green. Now it looks as if someone had placed a tiny lipstick kiss to the side of my knee cap. With weird mauve-ish lipstick.

4" higher on my thigh there's a birthmark in the same shade, half the size of my palm, split in half by a blue vein shining through. Oddly, despite all the issues I've had with my body image, the birthmark is something I've always liked. It's my map of unknown territory. One road, straggly coastline.


  1. you hurt your leg? Hope it's better now but in a way it's a good thing because it inspired you to a wonderful description.

  2. As I get older I bruise much more easily. Thanks to your posting I'll think about these bruises in a whole new way. I have one right now that looks like Australia *smile*!

  3. The book and brooch just arrived today.I love them so much :),and I am moved by your perfect handcraft.
    The time when I opened the mail,I felt the world become better(I am depressed and tired these days).
    Thank you,my dear friend,you make my day!
    BTW,I had many bruises because of my clumsiness.

  4. i'm a bruiser, too, i get them so easily. i like that you like your birthmark, it's an amazing thing, especially since we women usually beat ourselves up about body image.

  5. Me too...I have a pair of them with me after some days outside...cannot imagine how they come to me....


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