Monday, 16 July 2012

adrift in days to come and other stories to be written

Six new journals with vintage brass labels with collages sealed under mica. I will be listing these in my shop tomorrow, among many other new things. I have been so lucky to have several good days in a row; I made books and jewellery, took hundreds of photos and changed how the shop and this blog look. You like how things look now? I like. I actually got to say how it's nice to have dreams come true. The dreams just need to be small enough. I wonder if life would be something like this if I didn't have depression. This is the type of life I kind of wish I had.


  1. I love how things look now and am so happy to see you have lots of posts since I was last here!

  2. How many words, how many white papers to write...wellcome
    Love the change...little simple and clear...but a change.
    wish beautiful light moments


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