Saturday, 7 April 2012


My tulips died like all tulips eventually die. Today I bought lilies and carnations. Pure white and dark dark red, carried them home in the bright sunshine. Tomorrow is my 28th birthday; it sounds much more grown up than I feel. It is only appropriate to feel young now. My mother wrote me: Huomenta, morsian. Good morning, bride. It, too, made me feel young, though it hadn't occurred to me that getting engaged kind of makes me a bride now. I guess I'm a very slow learner with these things.

I have pincurls in my hair and three different sorts of macarons maturing in the fridge (lemon, cherry and chocolate, in case you're curious). A film noir party tomorrow: engagement, birthday, housewarming and easter all-in-one.


  1. oh wow!!! congratulations!! That's amazing

  2. Warm and happy wishes your way!

  3. Your writing is really riveting, as I've told you before. Congratulations and wish you happiness. - Namitha from Delhi

  4. happy birthday and happy engagement:)
    The ring is amazing elegant and beautiful!

  5. Happy birthday you old thing. Age is an ambiguous thing. At 38 I feel old, really old, and young all at once. I've seen too much and know too much and know nothing all at once.

  6. Happy birthday, young engaged lady. Just enjoy the light and the moment!


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