Thursday, 2 February 2012

square books, square feet

I've made many new books during my blog absence. Most of them I love, all of them I like. Many vintage materials, many paper treasures.

We're moving, again. Hence the absence, my mind has been a bit busy. Our building is currently going through a massive pipe renovation and the noise is pretty unbearable at times. We were due to move away for the summer and then come back but suddenly it became clear it would be easiest to just leave and find a new home. So, come March, we will relocate to a beautiful home with tall rooms and deep window sills, built in 1939, with a view to an old cemetary. The landlord said the neighbours are quiet, and indeed they are. We will have quite a lot less space at the new home, so I will need to go through my belongings again and get rid of everything I can bear to part with.

V is away at an artist's residency again, for the entire February, spare for a day or two. I'm left with his computer, without my trusty photo editing program (sorry if the photos are a bit dark and huge) and with an entire household to pack. I do plan to update my Etsy shop this week, and share the rest of my new books with you soon, too.

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  1. The books are beautiful! Transitions are hard, but can be exciting! Your new place sounds wonderful, even if smaller. Looks like you get to spend the month taking stock! I'll look forward to seeing what's new in your shop! Hope you can enjoy the process and good luck with the move!


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