Friday, 3 February 2012


A bit of embroidery on linen, a bit of velvet on the covers of the last one.

So cold that snow practically screeches as people walk or drive past our window. I ought to go out soon and I'm already wearing my woollen underpants, the kind that instantly reminds you of grannies. I wish it meant keeping warm but I'm afraid nothing helps in this weather as I'm allergic to cold. The sun shines nonetheless. I'd take photos as it's gorgeous outside but I'm worried about my camera freezing. And my fingers too.

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  1. I have just came back from the seaside,with a whole week cycling around the island and camping on the beach.
    I was a little worried about you cause you haven't update your blog for a long time.
    I am now depressed because the past journey is like a dream,and i have to deal with a lot of things (a mess)after i came back,but your amazing new books make me feel a little better give me some energy.


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