Friday, 2 December 2011

Sielun Veljet and the cold morning after

Last night we were on an amazing gig. I almost didn't go simply because I was feeling like not leaving the bed all day but I'm so glad I went. The young lads in the above video are now middle aged men (and I too am not 1 but 27) and they had the most unbelievable energy on stage. The audience did make me feel like I was crashing the Christmas party of some smalltown highschool principals. The wild young fans had turned into upper middle class people who now do jazz hands during their favourite songs instead of jumping up and down wildly. There was something so awesomely weird in the combination of enjoying the energetic stage presence and feeling so out of place in the crowd.

This morning awoke to a light I knew I couldn't miss and quickly got up and took photos in the freezing kitchen without any pants on fearing I'd lose the light if I paused to get dressed. So now there are proper photos on Etsy <3

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