Tuesday, 13 September 2011


  This one is already sold and gone.

The yellow birch leaves on the ground are forming long dunes along the streets. It must be my favourite time of year now, everything still smells more like life than death. My favourite colours found in nature: tansy yellow, rowan berry orange. It has been raining a lot and the drainpipes and windowsills are rattling night and day. V sings me Rosvo Roope in bed in the middle of the night when it's better to talk than try to fall asleep. And then he also sings songs that make me cringe, but I adore him for singing so well, anyway. So that's how it's like here then, slow and strange, steadily both.


  1. What a beatyful book! I am following your blog and I am curious of how you make thees wonderful books. Do you have a procedure for how to create it?

  2. Thank you! I currently have no plans to create a tutorial, but if you google "coptic binding tutorial" I'm sure you will come up with something fairly decent.

  3. hi......love the words here and the images I have of you being sung to in the dark of night. It relaxes me, hope it does the same for you?
    thinking of you constantly yet not enough time somehow to give you the attention you deserve...I'm sorry for that.


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