Thursday, 25 August 2011

chrushed and wrinkly

I feel quite crushed myself, too. This year has been a tough one, even this summer, finally living with V, has been a bleary-eyed one. Depression drags me down whenever I sense a better day on its way. I go from not sleeping to sleeping too much to sleeping at the wrong hour to sleeping too much at the wrong hour. C'est la vie. It is nonetheless hard to accept how slow my life has to be, how little I can make, how much I have to focus on not doing too much but still enough. Needless to say, I did not mend the dress as I had planned. I did bake enough cupcakes to feed a tiny village. So the priorities change and I focus on things of little importance that make me feel accomplished and happy.

I am getting older. No news, I know. But it was odd to realise I'm no longer a part of the notorious group called the youth of today.


  1. I was just thinking of you this morning. Calm, melancholy, and always beautiful.

  2. if making cupcakes puts you in a peaceful place then make cupcakes....

  3. I need someone to come over and eat my cupcakes or I will get all fat and sugary. I have yet to find a limit in eating cupcakes. (Btw, out of chocolate, lemon-berry and vegan-vanilla cupcakes the vegan ones were the awesomest without a doubt. I need to make more...)

  4. post a box of course!

  5. Hope you are doing fine. I appreciate your work, and especially the soulful writing - you don't write too much, but it's always like you've given some of your soul to the books you make. Namitha from Delhi


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