Friday, 11 December 2009


(bamboo fabric, silk rod, vintage silk thread, hand dyed paper, pencil)

A hidden poem, again. Letters you can't understand. I love the combination of black and mustard yellow, and all the different textures in this box. I made a skirt of this lovely bamboo fabric in July, I should take a photo of that too some day. Maybe when it's less cold and wintry. There was snow in Jokela, but Turku is just cold. I think the cold without snow is worse, it's so dark and dismal.

Today was a long day. I got back home from Jokela only to find my home just as I had left it (furniture crammed and covered with ugly blue plastic, old windows still in place). I have no idea what is going on, but I suppose I'm too tired to care now. My laptop is going crazy too, that's one more reason why this post is so late. It's still Friday though! Tomorrow I should be getting back to my earlier schedule if no surprise window guys show up on my door.

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