Tuesday, 8 December 2009


 (paper, newspaper image, vintage encyclopaedia illustration, copper wire)

Not everyone reads my blog. Yesterday I was something my father would say has something to do with a bear, a shooting and the rear end of said bear, thanks to being woken up way too early (not just my early, sort of normal people early). Today has a much better vibe than yesterday. I've made some new calendar match boxes, now we're a couple of steps closer to actually making this happen. Christmas seems so close, but the thought of how many more boxes I still need to make, puts things into a perspective. Not complaining, I really enjoy this! Sometimes it's just difficult to come up with Ideas, but I suppose it's not a crime to do something I've done before :)

I like frogs, like fish, when they're not near me and preferably in illustration form.


  1. Hmmm, ideas. Maybe we could help. What about clipping letters of the alphabet from the newspaper for a box. Choose an alphabet - any alphabet - and theme the box accordingly. Asian alphabets have heaps of letters, Pacific...so few.

  2. Thank you! Great idea :) I've actually done something a bit like this, but haven't shown you just yet. No theme, just letters or random poetry. But I think I should try a theme.


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