Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I very strongly dislike some things. Like renovations.

Carnations, in an old vodka bottle, by my kitchen sink. Emergency solution. They were a part of a proper bouquet, but decided to snap. Now I'm doing my best to save them.

There's no one here to yell at, and I already cried a bit to my mom over the phone (and m. too), so I'm writing to calm my nerves. This façade renovation isn't going as I thought it was, not at all. Today I found out my windows will be replaced TOMORROW. And I need to clear the space in front of the window, and a leave a good walking space from the door to window (and take off the window blinds). If you've seen my place, or know me and the amount of stuff I have, you know how bad this is. There is NO room. It's not going to be fun. At least m. is being my saviour and comes to help me move my work desk, which would be virtually impossible alone. What makes this situation even more absurd, is that from all the information I've been given before, on paper, there's no way to know they're going to replace all the windows, they only mention the balconies (and I don't have one). But they don't fail to mention that everyone will be informed well beforehand if there's any work that requires getting into your home. I guess giving you about 20 hours is well beforehand to some people. After sleeping worse than badly for many nights in a row, it's not fun to start moving furniture and reorganize everything instead of going out with a friend and properly relax for a change. I need to evacuate myself tomorrow, as I don't want to be here while they tear my wall open, so tomorrow's calendar post maybe coming up late in the evening instead of early afternoon (unless I find the energy to write it tonight already, which I doubt, after all the superhero work that's waiting to be done today).

There are days when everything seems to work against you, and there's nothing you can do about it and all you want to do is just cry. But I think I really need to do something about the extra tables blocking my window area, the crying will have to take a break.

Rant over. Have a good day, you. Really.


  1. I do hope things get better and you get to feeling a whole lot better too.

  2. But will it be a great improvement when it is done? hope it is all over soon and you are feeling better!

  3. Feeling better already. I took a train to Jokela, and now I'm spending a little time with my family before returning back home. Months of living in a cave in the middle of renovation makes you a bit claustrophobic.

    Sadly I doubt the renovation will make much difference in my life, I'm happy with the windows I have now, but I guess not everyone in the building feels the same way. But well, at least my apartment will get its much needed cleaning. It's going to be dusty and messy when I get back, a good reason to vacuum all the corners usually hard to reach before I wrestle with my tables again.

  4. Yes, I get days like this often and just feel as soon as I get on top of 'something' the next thing comes along.

    I guess one good thing is that we know everything comes to pass and one day I think I will look back and laugh - or at least I hope!!



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