Sunday, 13 December 2009


(paper, lacy rice paper, encyclopaedia page, lacquer, brooch pin)

K niin kuin kirjoituskone (K as in typewriter, kind of)

This morning I woke up because it was so bright. There's definitely something going on behind the tarps, I may need to go an check. I think it's either snow or an almost sunny day, both worth seeing. I used to like winter, but the last couple of years have been different. I suppose I've grown up or something. The cold makes me all whiny and grumpy, and I never seem to know how to dress appropriately. I want to be twenty years younger and wear winter overalls and a balaclava and have snow cling to my mittens and not get frustrated about it at all.


  1. It is a strange day here...grey. If you have light there go out. It will be ok.

  2. This piece is stunning too . . . you create many beautiful things :)



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