Wednesday, 16 December 2009


(tissue paper, paper, a piece of ceramic, thread, ink)

tokens of affection pt.2 

This morning I woke up to the shadow workmen behind my tarp cursing the cold. And it was nice, because: I hardly ever see them (seeing makes me feel like there's something happening near my window, one step closer to having a view again), I get to stay inside (right now it's -12°C, staying in and eating porridge for breakfast=heaven), and they spoke an eastern dialect (I've lived in Turku for many years now and still find the dialect here pretty horrible, and where I grew up we spoke something very close to the standard language, only with a little more "youknows" and "kindas", so the eastern dialect is always exotic and fun to me).

Also woke up very achy, but this is good kind of achy. Yesterday I spent a good part of the day reorganizing my home. I had made a mess when clearing the window area for the workmen that never came and now it was time to do something about it. A lot of organizing is still in order before I can call this all done, but I've got a good start. I'm especially in love with an old cupboard filled with books bound by me (they used to be in my bookshelf, but now the literature reclaimed it). Maybe I'll take some photos later.

And yes, everything turned out better than perfect: I'm going to Edinburgh too in January. (ah, there's still a chance of improving that better than perfect, but let's not get ahead of things.)


  1. Glad things have improved for you - you deserved a break! I just love you little matchboxes. Do you keep them all in a special place?

  2. Ups and downs :)

    Right now the matchboxes are pretty much scattered around my room, the ones still not posted are on the dining table (which shouldn't be where it is, or shouldn't even be here at all), the rest are on my work desk and on top of my book cupboard. I'm not a very organized person, I tend to have piles of things no matter what I do. If I do something to my piles, I can no longer find the things I'm looking for. Happily messy, I could say.

  3. Great you are feeling better, and a trip to Edinburgh would be great. I can remember the millions of pubs we was raining and it was fringe so...pubs and direct music. Perfect.
    Have a great time.
    It is not so cold here. Just a bit of snow.

  4. Edinburgh is beautiful, have you been before? I"m sure you'll love it :)

    Would love to see the cupboard of your books!!


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