Saturday, 17 January 2009

Looking back... me too.

I'm not procrastinating! I've finished a ton of things yesterday and today. So I thought I should treat you with a little glimpse to my past. We had a beautiful day today, perfect for taking photos and that's exactly what I did. A huge pile of books was photographed, and now, after loads of magic tricks and patience, you can see them on Flickr!

The set doesn't only include blank books or books written by real people, but also sketchbooks and diaries, worn and used. A page here and there photographed for you too... this overly romantic one. It's actually from a book my boyfriend (now husband) made me. Dried flowers and found feathers. If you know Finnish, don't click to enlarge. Silly girl overload.

Instead of a long blog post, read long explanations and some of my bookbinding history here. As always, you're more than welcome to leave comments here, or on Flickr.


  1. Oh my goodness Kaija. I am totally and utterly lost for words. I couldn't believe what I was seeing on flickr, this is truly exquisite, exceptional and beautiful work. What a talent and gift you have. I began to comment on flickr then became mesmerized. I will have to go back when I can find the words. Adore it all!

  2. kajia,you really surprisd me !!!
    It's fantastic!

  3. Thanks for this little peek into your archive, I'm blown away! So much beautiful work (I especially love the blue book with magpies, perfect)

    Glad you're getting things done, and that you've had some sunshine. I'm so ashamed of all my photos at the moment, there's no light at all and its putting me off blogging!

  4. What a beautiful collection on Flickr.
    How nice to have a bright day for pics. We seem to have had a summer full of rain - I am not complaining as it means it's a lot cooler than our tropical summers can be. But it's not good for taking pics!

  5. Your work is outstanding and stunningly beautiful!


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