Thursday, 27 November 2008


A byproduct of the Christmas cards I blogged about last time was a big pile of gift tags. I love how white and brown look together (although I did make a handful of red tags too, and they're pretty neat too)! These tags are brown on both sides, but I've attached a loose vellum leaf with some linen string. More space for writing and I just thought they look nice. These gift tags won't be for sale anywhere, but I'm including one with all purchases made from my shop before my trip to London (Dec 3rd is the last day when orders placed and paid for will be shipped before I go).

Ah, I've been tagged. I like to share random things about me (but I may eventually run out of things to share), but I know many who feel awkward about tags so I'm going to be the usual boring me and not tag anyone specific. But if you feel like telling me, and the rest of the world, eight random things about you, please do. And leave a comment so I know where to find the ones who agree to play along :)

1. Most of the time I'm organizationally challenged. But when my stuff is organized I'm much happier.

2. When I was a little girl, 10 or 11, I had really long hair, below my waistline at some point. After that it got shorter and shorter. In 2003-2004 I had a 3mm buzz cut. And I liked it, a lot, but it was a bit cold most of the year. Now I'm just a short-haired girl. Still, I think at least 95% of women have hair longer than mine.

3. I have problems finding a good hairdresser and keeping one. The last two I was happy with either got pregnant or moved away. I wonder if it's my hair?

4. I've seen all Harry Potter movies, with my mother. She wants to go and see them with a child, like all other grown ups in the movie theater. I don't mind going with her, not at all. It's a fun tradition.

5. I subscribe to 109 blogs. And I check regularly many more.

6. I like everyday poetry above all. My blog was found through google by searching "if you can hear it then it's speaking to you and if you can see it it's yours to have" and "it's not books you need it's some of the things that once were in books".

7. I own ridiculously many pairs of colorful tights. I wear them quite a lot too.

8. I know something you don't.

Now, good night my dear readers. Tomorrow's again the second to last day at work.

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  1. My mom and I have seen all the Potters together, too :O

    Just wanted to say I love how those tag-things look.


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