Friday, 7 November 2008

London calling?

What if I went to London in December? For some days, maybe five. I'm not yet sure if I'm going to go, but the thought of going is so very tempting. People have been in big cities alone before, maybe I could do it too. The questions are: should Paperiaarre go and be inspired by London, what to see, who to see, where to sleep/eat/be inspired?
There are plenty of suggestions around the web, but they're there, around. And they're not your suggestions for me. I've been to London briefly, twice, but it was a long time ago. And I think I can go to London for the third time and skip Madame Tussauds for the third time.

(The photo of a zip pouch reminds me of a sleeping bag, that's the only relation to traveling.)

Update:London, I'm coming!
Thank you all for your encouraging comments and e-mails! I'll be in London for a week, Dec 5th-12th. Drop me a line if you want to have an apple juice with me (you can have coffee or tea if you want!), it would be so nice to see the people behind blogs and comments etc. And if you have a list of must see places, drop me a line in that case too! Ooh, I'm so excited & happy! (Äiti, I'll be all right on my own. I won't go out alone too late and I have my phone with me all the time.)


  1. I have spent quite a bit of time in big cities on my own - well almost. I've travelled with husband Will on his business trips to cities like Paris, Milan, Florence and spent the days on my own exploring while he worked, and then met up with him at night. A bit different I guess, but I do enjoy the anonymity of a foreign city.

    If you've been there before and have a sense of the city that would make it easier to head there alone - you can seek out your favourite places from previous visits for a start.

    Yes, yes. book it and go - be inspired. Lovely.

  2. ooooooohhhhhhhhh.

    that sounds so very wonderful.
    wish i could meet up with you!
    bit of a trip for Australia but it sounds like heaven to me.

    and see if you can find an andy goldsworthy exhibition around... that would have been my favourite thing i did. oh. and the unfinished turner paintings at the old Tate. so loved those.

  3. Yes! Come to London... I think it's a great city to explore by yourself (I live here, so maybe I don't understand how scary it can be). If you need any tips on places to go, or get lonely and want to meet up, let me know.

    OH... my favourite hang out spot is the Troubadour near Earl's Court station. It's a really old coffee house with an amazing atmosphere and they have live music downstairs. All the big names have played there in the past.

    Hm... I'll be here if you need me!

    Eleanor. x

  4. London! you can definitely do it on your own! I could mail you a million places to visit. I would love to meet up with you, when? midweek can't do, weekend?

  5. yes. go, go, go! i've traveled alone to amsterdam 2 times, and loved it. yes, sometimes there were pangs of loneliness, but having the freedom to explore as much as you want is so amazing. my sister and i went to london in 2000 and didn't have each day fully planned. we just walked and walked, and there is so much you can see if the weather cooperates. you don't need an itinerary, just go and bring comfortable shoes. and your camera.

    however, it is good to have a few ideas jotted down (museums, a shop or two, a fun cafe), to get you moving. but what you'll find on your way there is always so much better.

    sorry this is so long... i really want you to do it. traveling alone is an adventure i think every woman should do at least once.

    and give yourself permission to sleep in at least one morning!

  6. a few links to inspire you - ?

  7. Lucky, lucky girl! I am sure it is going to be so much fun! Great to meet fellow bloggers too! Look forward to the report back!

  8. Hi. I am a bookbinder who just moved back to the U.S. after 10 years in London. Two of my favorite bookbinding stops are Shepherd's and Falkiner Fine Paper (just bought by Shepherd's). I highly recommend you check them out!

  9. Oh I last went to London on my own in 1987. So so glad you're doing it and so so sad I'm not there to meet and greet and sip x with you. ;-)


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