Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Xlendi, Gozo

Thank you all for your comments on the Vallejo book and my last book! I know I still have some e-mails unanswered, but you know... life. Slow and sure I'm catching up on everything.

I tried to make this post short and failed miserably. I've been putting this off as I knew this was a mission impossible, and of course the flu got me as soon as I thought life was getting back to normal. Feeling slightly better today though, so no more excuses. There's no way to tell you just how amazing our honeymoon trip was, so I'll skip the telling part and share some photos in a couple of LONG blog posts instead.

The view from our apartment balcony the night we arrived. A long, long way from Turku to Malta. (There's a cat on the roof. There were cats everywhere; I'll tell you more later.)

Xlendi is a small fishing village with some great restaurants (Moby Dick was our favorite!) and very few fishermen. Or maybe there were many fishermen, but I saw three or four. It's possible that the sunshine played tricks with my eye-sight.

We walked a lot as neither of us drives a car (the locals found it hard to understand) and the maps weren't always too helpful. After climbing a big hill through someone's muddy field I decided to try and stick with the buses. The speed, the condition of the very narrow roads and the lack of seat belts almost gave me a heart attack, but I didn't care. 47 cents for a bus ticket isn't that bad when you think of it.

Of course the trip wasn't all sunshine. Minutes after this photo there begun a gorgeous thunderstorm, which actually made me feel a bit scared to tell you the truth. We were without power for some hours and when trying to find a restaurant (of course they were closed or too posh for us) we wittnessed the main street turning into a river. Later the friendly waiter of Moby Dick's told us that in the 70's the flood had washed 30 cars from the parking lot into the sea. This time the only thing washed into the sea was trash and sand from the embankments around the bay.

The day after. The sea wasn't as bright as it had been before the rain and the beach boulevard was mostly covered in sand and mud.

It didn't rain on this day. The clouds were something completely different from the ones I'm used to. There were strange boulders on the cliffs near Xlendi Tower, huge boulders to be honest. Here's just one of them. I'm used to granite and such, so seeing limestone wherever I turned my head was odd. You call that a stone? Huh?

The heat didn't make everyone as lazy as it made us. We found something nice from the cliffs.

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  1. on a cold, rainy day here, your post warmed me up. the photos are beautiful. what a wonderful honeymoon!


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