Monday, 20 October 2008

New colors (and old ones too)

On Saturday a little baby girl had her name giving party in Kuopio which is far far away from Turku so I spent half of my weekend sitting in trains somewhere in Finland, and seeing railway stations I hadn't seen before. I carried my camera with me everywhere but I guess it was feeling too comfortable in my bag and didn't want to come out. No photos whatsoever. Just my luck. I've been awfully forgetful lately. It's really bad. Maybe I need another vacation to recover from the last one.

Just before rushing to the train on Friday I updated my Etsy shop a little. Some of you may have already checked it out during the weekend and seen my new zip pouches and pencil cases. I'm trying some new colors and so far I'm loving them, especially the mustard yellow. I'd never wear yellow clothes, not even scarves or gloves, but I like certain hues of yellow very much. Mustard yellow is the best kind of yellow, don't you think?
And the two different greens are new colors too. Neither of them is really lime green kind of bright green, they're more like grass green and fresh light green. Happy colors. Happy colors aren't only for spring use. You need happy things all year. (This time of year makes my photos unhappy. Sorry. I keep forgetting how little natural light there is.)

I'll be sewing some more pouches and pencil cases in the near future, in new colors and old ones too. Books are in the making too, as always. Making mustard yellow and grass green books makes me happy. What next? Pink? No, I'm not stepping that far out of my comfort zone this year. Slow and sure.


  1. I love the colours! And your designs on them. The whole combination is so pleasing!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your new colours Kaija! They're gorgeous, & they work so well together. You're right, I'd never wear yellow either...but mustard yellow is such a fabulous colour!

  3. mustard yellow IS the best. i don't wear it, but i love paper/bookcloth in that color... love the color palette you're working with right now...

  4. love, love, love these colours!!!!

  5. I absolutely love your new pouches! And I agree... mustard yellow is awesome!


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