Sunday, 12 October 2008

Maltese cats

Oh, here's the kitty post! To be honest, I don't even like cats. Or furry animals in general. I've always been allergic and the whole pet thing is a bit foreign to me. I prefer wild animals, birds and such that keep their distance. Maybe it's because I'm not a touchy feely person anyway; I need quite a lot of personal space with people too.

The Maltese cats were different from the cats I'm used to seeing. They just wandered around, unconcerned. Many were probably homeless, but in good shape nonetheless. I liked their attitude and their little cat heads. Most of the cats we saw were quite skinny, but I guess they were skinny because of their brisk but lazy strolling
. The not so speedy cats were the ones we managed to take photos of.

It was a hot day. There are seven cats in this photo, and across the street there were at least three or four more.

That's all from our trip to Gozo. I've uploaded some (lots of, actually) photos on Flickr, so if you get the sudden urge to learn more about my honeymoon trip you can click here.

And my interview went well, now I just need to wait patiently.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your flickr shots when I get back home. You have such a keen eye, and a kind heart so your photos have a gentle feel. :-)

    That's not too well said but dh is getting ready to leave for the opera so...


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