Friday, 17 October 2008


I've made some more books of good things, you can find them in the shop now. A little something else will be there tomorrow too. It's almost strange how much I still enjoy making them even though I've made almost hundreds of these in this format. This little book was earlier more of a traditional binding but all the fiddly parts of making a tiny book were starting to get on my nerves after some years. Changing the format to matchbook style put the fun back to making these, and at least to me the matchbook format is the most portable (as in "toss in your bag and hope its survives in one piece" portable) one that comes to mind. Book of good things is like a mini first-aid kit for the days when you're under the weather.

I've always loved making lists, but lately most of them have been to-do lists and they're not too loveable. Words are comforting, especially when they don't mean you're running behind your imaginary deadlines.

a small list of things that make nice sounds

leaves (falling from trees, in trees, or under your feet in a cold morning)
the park gate opening at night
the lever of my bookbinding press
zig-zag sewing
pouring water from a large jug into a tall glass
a neighbor washing her dishes late in the evening when the rest of the house is quiet (I used to get annoyed, but I now like it, she sometimes sings a little too)

sitting in the dark (there is a special sound you can only then hear)

Do you write lists? What kind of words do you like? What makes a nice sound?


  1. I know what you mean by "portable" ;) I have that problem when looking to buy paper goods.

  2. sounds: the sound of the sea through my open window at night; the wind howling and shaking the window frames; the hum of my laptop ...

  3. there are lovely sounding words in every language regardless of their actual meaning or because of their meaning... writing lists is fun, I do it all the time, Christmas season is great for making lists!
    how about:
    - malmirumpu
    - merimetso
    - untuvatukka

  4. I do lists too. Mainly to remember things, but sometimes only "mental" (as in not always written) lists about things I like, for example.

    Nice sounds... There are lots of them, but here are few that come to my mind first:
    - sound of a snow under your feet on a cold day
    - sound of the wind in the trees
    - sound of the rain when your inside a cozy house
    - sound of the northern lights (I haven't heard that more than once, but I'm quite sure they have a sound, almost unhearable
    - here in Mexico sometimes you can hear a steam whistle that people selling particular food on the streets use. The sound is very long and sad, it has the same feeling in it as the howling of the wolves. It gives me goose bumps, but I still like it and its sadness.


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