Saturday, 12 July 2008

Oh the randomness

I'll reveal my big secret once I've finished something. In the meantime you can see how I finally took photos of my small dotted notebooks, bound a friend's diary (below) and tried to be all summer-y despite the weather being really cold (well, today's Hot!).

Case bound, covered with natural linen. A5 size.

My first banana cake was a success, especially with fresh raspberries I bought from the market today. My dear friend Milla surprised me with a mug, and I like it a lot (Kulkue design by Maija Louekari). I'm not a mug person as I don't drink tea or coffee, but I'm definitely a Kulkue person.

Oh! Since my 100th post our tomatoes have grown a lot. It's going to take a while until they're of edible size, but this is a start, isn't it?

Random things in a random post, but what more can you expect? This week my co-workers have made random comments about my appearance. First I was told my smile was as charming as Isaac's (you know the bartender from The Love Boat), then I sniffed my nose just like Little My (from the Moomins). Eh.

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  1. meijän tomaatit täällä tuomiokirkon takana on ihan samassa vaiheessa enkä jaksais millään odottaa, et niitä voi syödä.

    koskas nähdään?

    - kysyy k. täältä tuomiokirkon takaa


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