Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Medieval Fair in Turku

I took my parents to see the medieval fair last weekend. I probably wouldn't have gone there all by myself as it seems like it's all the same every year. Lots of nice things to see, but like most theme based things this wasn't that interesting after seeing it many times before. I've been meaning to go and sell my books there but every year I remember it too late and miss the jury date. I think it could be so much fun to be there as a seller. But maybe we're just not meant to be.

Dyeing yarn with natural ingredients. (Those plastic buckets probably aren't medieval...)

We walked through the are before the official opening hours, that's why there's so little people in my photos. Later it would've been way too crowded for me, especially after being at the book fair the day before!

I love how these candied apples look. I'm allergic to apples, maybe that's why they're always so tempting, candied or not.


  1. it looks like such a fun day, such a pretty city and those apples look yummy.

    Hope you had lots of fun with your parents.

  2. We used to go all dressed up to the fair when kids - happy memories, especially of all the performances. We even used to play along, pretending to be one of the actors. Looks still the same!


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