Thursday, 3 July 2008

I feel like a criminal when cutting up books

Of course I didn't come back home from a book fair empty-handed! That would be impossible. Although I made my best finds from the market square (1€/book), not the fair area. Old school books mostly. I've already cut out some of my favorite images and put them on my inspiration board. It's never been this pretty!

Brooch by Karen, vase by Hemtex. Images: Russian revolutionaries in a boat, British mother with her babies, instructions on how to bind an arterial wound in arm, "do not sit like this". You can guess what my posture is like.


  1. I struggle with this too, but am starting to buy books that will be cut up, rather than cut up books randomly. I tell myself, as I pay for it, that this one is for cutting up. I then rush home Google the authors and illustrators and check I'm not cutting up some masterpiece. Some though, are still sitting there - uncut. Sigh, I'm still even turning the pages by the corner.

  2. Kaija, just thought I would say hello since its been so long! I've been away from my computer... I had two pages of posts to read through since my last visit, and it looks like you've been busy :) I'm loving your casebound books, beautiful workmanship (as always!)

    I wish I could have made a trip to the competition exhibition, looks like some amazing books (I've never seen anything like that in England, although I'm probably just looking in the wrong places :) ) The medieval fair looks fun too!

    Anyway, it was good to catch up :) xxx

  3. You look like you had a great weekend. The book competition looks amazing, (your's is much better than 1st place!!!) The medieval fair looks amazing, your inspiration board looks amazing, you have had an amazing time!!
    Also, you cut up books, that's fantastic, as you know I too like to cut up!!

  4. I understand, I do! I bought a little book just to cut up for some ATCs and it's still uncut...I can't bring myself to attack with the scissors. I will tho, I promise.

  5. i feel your pain! i have 10 books that i pull pages from consistently, but since i purchased the books for that purpose, i try not to feel badly. plus, i'm re-purposing the pages so they have new life...


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