Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The big news of summer dresses

So I finished my summer dress. And why on Earth would I need yet another summer dress, especially when I'm not much of a summer dress person? Hmm. Because after spending the summer here at home, I'm going abroad. At last! We've been married almost two years and now we're finally going to our honey moon trip. (Someone called us lovebirds last weekend. Not a bad thing to be called after six years together.) The last two weeks of September will be spent on Gozo island, Malta. We have an apartment in a villa in the small fishing village of Xlendi and plans to be idle. We're just going to walk a lot and swim a little (more if you're the lucky one who knows how to swim and dive). I even bought a swimsuit! If you know me at all in real life, you know that it's big news.

We've spent hours and hours on Google Earth viewing the island, and yet I know it'll be so different seeing it with my own two eyes! It's so strange that we ended up booking our perfect honeymoon trip after all. While still engaged we thought we would go stay at an apartment on Crete, but it turned out to be a lot more complicated than we thought. Then we planned on a city vacation in Naples or Marseilles, but I got worried that Naples wasn't going to get their trash out from the streets in time (their dump pits are full, so no trash has been picked up since December if I remember right) and Marseilles just didn't feel right. After many failed attempts of booking a hotel on Gozo we found the perfect apartment, and for half the price of a hotel room! Me happy. Really happy.

And busy. I'm working on many books which sadly won't be available on Etsy, but if you're around here in Scandinavia, you can find them in Hyvinkää, Finland.

Karen is always a sweetheart. She sent me tons of postcards she collected from the New Designers on her trip to London. I haven't had the time to go through all the websites yet, but the one's I've seen are stunning!

Just look at the cards! These three artists are probably my favorites.

James Ison

Emma Cowell

Delyth Walsh


  1. I haven't owned a swimsuit for years, since the children were learning how to swim but as you are still in your prime I am sure you will look amazing in yours. Your dress is great and the honeymoon sounds fantastic...lucky thing!

  2. 6 years together? 2 years married? i'd say it's about time! ;)

    have lots and lots of fun. i hope it's super sunny. i'm sure you'll get lots of uses out of your fabulous dress. and take lots of photos for those of us not on a honeymoon.

  3. How wonderful to be having a special holiday together-enjoy! And that summer dress is lovely-reminds me of the sky.

  4. It's a lovely dress. Perfect for sunny days on an island! And should it be cold (but it won't ...) that colour would look stunning with a skinny-rib black poloneck and black stockings. So there, you're packed for all kinds of weather. Enjoy!

  5. Oh this trip sounds wonderful - and well worth the wait. I will have to pm you about your details since dh wants to go to Malta - a lot.

    Enjoy the dress and swimsuit and take sunscreen!(just being a mom...)

  6. I love the dress!!!
    It is very much a paperiaarre dress.
    Cheers to the lovebirds!


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