Thursday, 15 May 2008

Paper pops! & lovely people with talent

I have news you probably already know: Paperiaarre is a part of Poppytalk Handmade's Paper Pops market! View my gallery here. I'm so honored to be in the company of some of my favorite artists! Here are just some great galleries you should definitely go see:

After finishing my Poppytalk handmade listings I've been sleeping a lot and doing nothing. My allergy isn't too bad this year but I'm still really tired because of it. I stay indoors a lot. You'd think that would mean a lot of creative work getting done, but I guess you know me better than that. Some lovely custom orders have deadlines next week and I think I should focus on them instead of the finch family nesting outside our window. Mr Finch thinks he's got a rival in our window and keeps banging his head against the reflection. Mrs Finch knows her priorities and just sits on the eggs. A lovely couple altogether.

Since I'm already gushing about other people's work, I might just as well show you a pic I took of myself wearing my new treasure. Ruth has the most wonderful jewelry in her Etsy shop Contagious, and I had been drooling over these Wing earrings ever since I saw them what seems like ages ago. I don't have my ears pierced so I asked Ruth to make me a necklace. And it turned out perfect. Happy (and very short haired) girl on the window sill with her perfect necklace:


  1. Congrats on poppytalk! You are in a gorgeously curated collection. Paper heaven:)
    And don't you look lovely!!!
    Thanks for all the fun links!

  2. Lovely necklace, lovely picture!!

  3. Beautiful necklace - and cute haircut!

  4. i like that pattern of the necklace so much!

  5. Hey there, just saw your table at Poppytalk! I love your work :)

  6. Ah,thank you.I always like to have a picture in mind when I read a blog. (I first wrote plog...maybe that's a paper blog?!?!)

    Happy person with a lovely necklace. ;-)

  7. What a nice surprise to find these kind words about me. I am so happy that you are enjoying your necklace.
    hugs, ruth


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