Sunday, 13 April 2008

You make my day à la yours truly

Just when I was about to upload the award picture yesterday Blogger refused to co-operate. I'm glad it didn't work then, because here's what I've been up to today:

It's my version of the award, cheerful and floral just like the original. (Esti and Aino, if you want to pass on the original award, it can be found here.)

Day 10

paper, board, thread, ink, stamp


  1. ihana!! very very lovely!!!
    kiitos vielä kerran. käytän ehdottomasti tätä jos en saa aikaiseksi omaa..

  2. Where do you get your energy from?????? Good luck with your hectic week ar work! I am with you in spirit.

  3. How lovely to open this box and find this inside. What a lift to anyone's day it would be.

  4. thank you so much! I come by your blog almost daily, you are talented and put heart and delicacy in your work. And thanks for creating a nice piece for the ocassion. I like it a lot. :)

  5. Your version is gorgeous!! I LOVE's very cheerful. It has added a little spark to my chilly evening (it is starting to get too cold for my liking down here) *brr* x.

  6. do you sell this box?
    can you tell me the price, and if it's possible to send it to Portugal??


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