Monday, 14 April 2008

Oh happy day.

What do I do at work?

1. I tell people where the restrooms are and that the doors open with a library card.
2. I open the restroom doors with a buzzer button because no one seems to have a library card.
3. I tell people that I'm not allowed to make library cards yet
4. I tell people that we don't do book searches at the info, go to the second floor.
5. I tell people that you get to the second floor by walking up the huge stairs they didn't see when they walked in even though the stairs are right there and they're huge.
6. I tell people that they have over-due fees. A lot.
7. I tell people that they should use the automates to do everything. (We don't do customer service here!)
8. I tell people that I don't know, ask someone else.

And yet I like my work. It's fun and I like the old gentlemen I get to meet.

Here's a book for a change (it's nothing groundbreaking though). It's a little 5"x5" wedding quote book that I made as a custom order. 30 thick watercolor paper pages, and vintage lace on the linen cover.

Day 11

paper, book page, watercolor, gold and black ink
(It looked too nice to accommodate anything extra. So it's just the box today.)


  1. I'm loving your match boxes. Definitely want to join in... Have you posted a template yet? I have been looking but can't see one. If not, I will try to do one ove the next few days and get going on my mini artwork.

  2. i did not know you were working at a library. i'm glad to know you are enjoying it. it's definitely nice to be able to interact with different people. i hope there are some kind folks.

  3. Hi! I haven't posted the template, because the girls at flickr matchbox group posted these great links I'm planning to share as soon as I remember (I think I've misplaced my brain for good):

  4. (of course the second link was too long)

  5. Such lovely work as usual!

  6. Your list of work duties made me giggle but I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying it. There must be some nice people who come to the library as well - who don't have overdue fees, and do have their library cards, and can use the automates :)
    Make sure you keep having fun!! x.

  7. It was funny going through this post. Sometimes interacting with people can be stressing, and sometimes funny. Enjoy it!


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