Saturday, 5 April 2008

Good things come in all sizes

I'm happy when I make creative things with my hands. Work will eventually be less tiring and I'll be able to focus on art again. Until then I'm making a match box a day. It can be a fully decorated matchbox or just something that will fit into a matchbox once it's finished. I'll add the date to each box and blog when I have the chance. You can expect daily updates, but I'll probably disappoint you regularly.

Feel free to join me in this challenge, I'll start a Flickr group if you're interested!

Day 1

Paper, mother of pearl button, gold leaf, linen thread.

Day 2

Linen, green thread, hemp, paper.


karen said...

How lovely, what a good idea!

Diane said...

This is a great idea and yours are so beautiful. I'm definitely going to try but I don't know if I'll be able to do one a day!

bookyeti said...

Lovely idea, Kaija! I think I may join you. :) I have myriads of little matchboxes around the house going to waste!

Diane said...

This was such a great idea I couldn't wait... I've made a few already.
See dearlydee

Amy said...

What a lovely idea...they are so tiny and gorgeous!! x.