Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Warning: sharp objects!

Remember the scissor post? Here's the rest of my tools. Well not really the rest, but the ones I use almost every day. I've got tons of tools as I love getting new toys to play with. In the picture below are my bone folders (bone, teflon and metal actually), backing hammer, awls, different kind of rulers and some of my smaller knives. Knives are nice, except the kitchen/stabbing kind of knives. Cutting paper makes me happy. Sometimes I'm a simple girl.

Why I ended up taking the tool photo was because my unfinished tool container fell apart and my tools had no place to stay while I finally finished the container. It just needed to be glued and covered with a pretty japanese paper (bought from Karaku!). Now my tools are happier than ever and I'm pretty happy too.

Pouches are in the shop and I've been busy making books too. I hope that tomorrow will be a book blogging day at last. Until then, be well you all.


  1. I love the paper on the tool holder. I bought some japanese fabric and I think it was from them. You have posted THREE days on the run, you put me to shame. I am so tired that I can't seem to function. I changed those earrrings by the way!

  2. i think the correct title would've been:
    WARNING — etsy temptations!

    the cute button fabric wasn't there the last time i looked... now it's on its way. oops.

  3. Kappas! Olen lukenut illan Sargentan kuvastoa ja ihmetellyt, miten sitä kesällä pärjäisi, kun luultavasti olen työttömänä opintolainan, sossun ja oman myynnin armoilla. Voisi itsekin postata, että mitä kaikkea sitä päivittäisessä työssä tarttee (yllättävän paljon kaikkea, josta kertyy iso lasku jos ne tilaa kerralla).


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