Wednesday, 23 January 2008

What's new?

When you think you don't mind your fabric fraying a little in the washing machine, zigzag the edges anyway. I didn't know there could be that much lint and thread balls in the world. Luckily I was generous when cutting the pieces, no harm done. But the cleaning...yew.

While I pick lint from everywhere, make some books, sew some pouches and check out new apartments (yes, we're moving too, it seems to be the way to go in the blogland), I have a special guest to keep you entertained. I've met so many people through blogs that I'm really curious about. Because I'm too shy to ask questions just for the fun of it, I made up the perfect excuse: interviews. So every once in a while there'll be a little interview with hard questions for a lovely person.

The first to be interviewed was Karen, with whom I share the love of detail, and a lot more.


  1. Kaija, remember to clean the lint sieve or whatever (nukkasihti) of your washing machine. It will be full of surprises. And next time, put the material in that little bag you have for socks and stockings. That way you can concentrate on picking lint from your lint-producer only.
    I just washed my chenille and now I don't know how to open the nukkasihti of my new washing machine.
    Hala hala,

  2. I already cleaned it. And I did use the bag, but I had too many pieces and just two bags, so not all pieces fit into the bags. That's why there's lint all over the place. You raised me well enough to think of these things beforehand.

  3. Better zigzag then next time.



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