Monday, 3 December 2007

Weather rant & flowery journal

You'd think that winter would add some grace and femininity to my walking when forcing me to take tiny steps on slippery streets instead of my normal striding along. But no, unless you use the words graceful and feminine to describe some hunchback granny. I'm so used to taking huge steps that this non-snowy winter drives me nuts. I used to walk fast so that people would leave me alone. Nowadays I have to walk fast as my significant other is a lot taller than I am. Together we fly down the road...

I think the rain is taking care of what is left of the snow we had. What a moody weather.

Today's book is a custom order journal for my mother-in-law. Pictures could be better if taken more than ten minutes after waking up. This book had to hurry to its car ride.

This is a large binding covered with orange and dark brown linen. Hand stenciled flowers on front cover. Approx. 8.5"x12"x0.6" (21,5x30,5x1,5cm) and many vanilla colored pages. Too late to count them now as this book is already far away.

I'm hoping to get an animal guest featured in the blog later this week. Books of good things are on their way in English, too. Little gluing and little sewing is still to be done.


  1. Lovely colour combination - it makes me think of the smell of coffee (if that makes any sense!)

  2. hi kaija,

    lovely work as usual. that was indeed a huge book to make!

    sorry i never got back to you on the english translations. school school school and a funeral.

    i think most of the translations work, but i agree, the "not moping" part is difficult. not moping works as a phrase, but i don't know if it has the intended meaning of it being a good thing. i hope your other friend was able to help you on that one. english just doesn't always have the same meanings or intentions behind words. although, since it's a book of good things, i'm sure people will figure it out at some point that not moping is a good thing because you could be moping, but you choose not to. i was going to suggest "choosing not to mope" or something like that, but it's a bit long i'm afraid.

    as for the title, if you haven't already chosen it yet, how about "A Book of Good Things/Sayings"? I forget what the title was supposed to be, but what I am advocating for is the addition of the word "A" in front of it. "The" just sounds boring to me.

    Good luck and sorry I wasn't able to help as much as I had wanted to. my grandpa's funeral really took me by surprise and turned my schedules upside down, that and the fact that i had two nights of blackouts here on campus.


  3. Shirley, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I hope you're doing all right.

    And yes, it's A book of good things. I too think the is boring. The moping part was solved too, so no need to worry about that either. Jesse was great help, and things seem to be progressing smoothly.

    I've made books that were a whole lot bigger, so this was really a piece of cake, although smaller books are more on my comfort zone.


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