Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I heart bookbinding

I did finish a book yesterday! This is a slightly larger book, that would work great as a guest book or journal. I'm having trouble with making new, larger stencils, so for now I'm using the ones I already have. I'm good at making small new stencils, but whenever I need something bigger I'm completely lost. That's one of the reasons why my books are usually quite small. Another reason is shipping costs. How boring. I'll make some gigantic books once I've got a studio of my own and a lot of money.

Coptic bound guest book / journal: 9"x8.5"0,6" (22,8x21,7x1,6cm), 80 white pages with a slight watermark texture. Covered with dark natural linen, pastedowns on the reverse side of covers are lovely light robin's egg blue, which matches great with the deep green on the cover. As always, stenciled with acrylic paint, hand-cut stencil.

My flu is very persistent and it's gotten worse for a change. I'm surprised if I get well before next year. I hope that the future brings less bad hair days and more outdoorsy days. But for now, I settle with what I've got and make more books since I'm not going to step out the door on a day like this.


  1. I love the combination of the blues with the linen, lovely. If big stencils cause trouble you could try using a few smaller ones together? I am rubbish with big stuff and that sometimes works for me :)

    The lights from yesterday look beautiful, very festive. And last but not least I can't wait for your gocco to arrive either! Oh, you'll have such fun! (I ran out of screens, must order moree...) Hurray!

  2. Hope the flu leaves soon...

    The book is, as always, so perfectly simple and lovely.


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