Thursday, 25 October 2007

The book of good things

This one has really been a long term project. These are basically books with a list of good things inside them. The things on my list are more everyday things than luxurious, things of which goodness you don't remember unless you're reminded, and things that are simple but irresistible. These books are in Finnish, but I'm making them in English too, as soon as some native speaker checks my list.

I think I've made these little books since 2004, in some form or other. First they looked more like a normal book, but I got sick and tired of making them, so it was time to undergo transformation. Now I'm happy. These books were first made in August and now I've made some more in white, green and blue (not in the photos).

Thin cardboard and 100% recycled paper. Hand stenciled covers. 25 pages.
2.2"x3"x0.2" (5,5x7,6x0,5cm)

"not moping"

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